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SARIE: A delish of dishes

In between working on corporate publications Tip Africa Publishing recently had a delicious change of pace when SARIE magazine asked us to produce two cookery books for them.

SARIE FOOD is a compilation of 119 favourite recipes from past editions of SARIE KOS. It contained all-time South African favourites such as snoek pie, sweet potato in butter sugar and cinnamon, as well as quirky family recipes like Ouma Estelle's hotel pudding.

As SARIE editor Michélle van Breda explains: "Since the launch issue of SARIE's bi-monthly food magazine SARIE KOS in 2007, English-speaking South Africans have never stopped asking for the magazine in their language. "Ons praat die taal," they say, "but when it comes to recipes and those ingredients we're at a complete loss. What, for instance, are kekerertjies?"

Tasked with the translation of the recipes, Tip Africa Publishing could ensure that English readers will henceforth know that kekerertjies are chickpeas, and also let them in on a couple of hands-on secrets of fabulous home cooking.   

Look out for this mouth-watering compendium of tried and tested recipes hand-picked by SARIE KOS editor Barbara Joubert. It's a great gift for yourself or for family and friends here and abroad. SARIE FOOD is on sale in all the best shops for only R39,90 (VAT included).

The other brilliant publication where Tip Africa was asked to handle the design, is the 40-page Sjokolade supplement, created by Herman Lensing, food editor at SARIE.

Herman is in a class of his own where it comes to the most indulgent chocolate fantasies, and with such brilliant photographs you could feel tempted to lick them off the page.

This utterly delightful supplement is on sale with the June issue of SARIE and both SARIE and the Sjokolade supplement can be bought for R59,95.

Just take a look at these pages and see if you can contain your appetite.

SANParks Responsible Tourism: Looking after our heritage

Most South Africans are conservationists at heart and with our wonderful national parks it is no wonder that we all feel a sense of ownership.

It was with great excitement that Tip Africa Publishing created a booklet for SANParks that details their approach to responsible tourism over the next decade.

No future is possible without a past and this booklet is packed with information and anecdotes from the first tentative years of the Kruger National Park, showing how the expectations of tourists have changed over the years and how these expectations have been met and managed.

Even more to the point is what the next ten years will bring, and this booklet allows you a glimpse into the future.

Here, just to make you aware of the enormity of the task of the management of our national parks, are some statistics:

Click on the image below and find out what SANParks have in store for you over the next ten years.  It could include anything from bungee jumping, abseiling, soft-roading and hot-air ballooning to roughing it in a wilderness area where it's only you and the animals in the great silence.