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The Team

Petro du Toit
Creative director
More than 20 years experience in design, has worked as creative director on newspapers, mainstream magazines and in client publications.
Specialises in designs, redesigns and visual productions.

Igna Schneider
Content director
Wide experience in the media industry on a senior editorial and executive management level. Started out as journalist and editor and headed up operations at Media24 Newspapers before the entrepreneurial spirit kicked in in 2012.
Specialises in strategic, multi-platform content solutions.

Joan Kruger
Editorial consultant
A lifetime's experience as journalist and editor of consumer magazines, ten years as editorial director working on top corporate brands.
Specialises in content marketing and sustainability.

Theo Pauw
Non-executive director
After reaching the top in the corporate world Theo entered the creative field as director of Tip Africa Publishing and the Cape Town Creative Academy.
Specialises in visions and wildlife.

Riaan Vermeulen
Group art director
All-round publishing guru, morphing from art director of a travel magazine to the final go-to person for everything from design to print to digital.
Specialises in being the best in everything he touches. Honestly.

Magriet Kruger
Group managing editor
From advertising copywriter to English teacher to wildlife enthusiast, she has been with Tip Africa for six years, editing and producing various magazines.
Specialises in strategic creative concepts and content.

Arnold Ras
Group digital editor
With an unerring talent for the new digital landscape and social media, Arnold is mapping the road ahead for Tip Africa's e-newsletters and websites.
Specialises in social media and all things click-click.

Lynn Robinson
Managing editor
A solid background in project administration and programme coordination in the insurance industry launched Lynn's career as managing editor.
Specialises in deadlines and client service.

Jaco Scholtz
Group marketing and advertising executive
Wide-ranging experience over 20 years in all aspects of publishing and a stint as publisher of iconic magazines persuaded Jaco to go the entrepreneurial route.
Specialises in concept marketing.